Grab Bag of Pumpkin Seeds - 50 Count + Open Pollinated

pumpkin photo: pumpkin pumpkin_in_patch.jpg
Up for purchase are 50 Open Pollinated
Pumpkin Seeds!
Grown in Las Vegas and Guaranteed to Grow
or your Money Back.

50 Seeds for $4.00 + Free Shipping

Organic + Open Pollinated ARMENIAN CUCUMBER Seeds

armenian cucumber photo: armenian cucumber IMG_0286.jpg
20 Count - $2.50

This type is a Mild Sweet Flavored Cucumber.
Perfect for your summer cucumber recipes.
These seeds are organic and open-pollinated.
You'll receive 20 seeds for $2.50.
Free Shipping.

For a Great Cleanse:
Wash and Cut and slice long ways and place in bottle of water.
No need to peel.
Add a tsp or more of honey and a tsp of lemon juice.
A few slices of lemon are great too, but optional.
Let steep for 2 hours and drink before 48 hours.

Free Etsy Shop Banners

Simply Right Click on the Banner You Like and Click
'Save Picture as'.
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Red Pinkish Corn Silk from Heirloom Country Gentleman Corn - Free etsy banner for your use photo dfdafasdf_zpse497603d.jpg

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If you plan to use a banner for the purpose of selling or generating income, please display the name of my blog on your Etsy profile page.

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use my free Etsy banners for harmful, pornographic hateful or racial materials.

New Dragon Tingsha Cymbals

Also known as Ting-sha, these Small cymbals are used during Prayers and Spiritual Rituals.
 photo angelsblankbookleather_zpsdc299107.jpg
Made of Thick brass they possess a unique tone that is used within deep meditation, and to provide healing sounds and vibration.
These Tibetan cymbals feature 2 (TWO) Dragons,
Underneath the cymbals they've been engraved with Tibetan characters.
Heal together on a leather cord
Measures apprx 3" in diameter.
$35.00 and Free Shipping
Hurry! Supplies are limited.

Angel Leather Blank Book Unlined Handcrafted Journal Sketchbook

You will love this journal! Makes a great gift!
 photo angelsblankbookleatherjournal_zps8283f9ca.jpg
Measures Apprx 5" x 7"
Embossed in orange-ish red stained leather, this book portrays two angels; front and back. Both feminine, with large wings.
On the front one has stars in her robe, with her hands raised to offer an bowl spilling over with stars.
On the back, also robed in stars, is an angel that appears to be in flight, holding in her raised hands a Crescent Moon and a Celtic Cross. Both sides are framed in Celtic Knots.
Apprx 360 recycled papers picked up from factory floors.
 photo angelsblankbookleather_zpsbf9906f8.jpg
100% chemical- and acid-free.
The paper texture is superb...leaves you wanting to write on and on.
$38.00 and Free Shipping!
Hurry. Supply is limited.
Use it for what your grateful for, miracles witnessed, dreams, brainstorms, prayers and blessings, whatever your wish! The sky's the limit!
 photo metaphystapestrysunmoonstars_zps71535b34.jpg

Brand New 72" x 108" Tapestry/Spirit Cloth.
Hand dyed cotton broadcloth.
Perfectly suited for a wall hanging, meditation mat, bedspread.
Features smiling Suns, Moons & Stars, all surrounded by more Suns, Moons & Stars around the perimeter.
 !>  Only $25  <!

Retail $30.95 This is a deal! Hurry...only 4 in stock!

If used as a meditation shawl, it can be wrapped around the wearer and pulled over the head-covering the face-creating a very personal, sacred space.
Make this your own when you receive it. Sleep with it for a week or so; imprinting your energy within it.
The Bible tells of a woman who touched the hem of the garment of Jesus and was thus healed. It held His healing imprinting within.

24 Hours of Joy Mixed with Berry Butter, a Patchwork Quilt, Mandarin Jam & Banana Bread

The last 24 hours have been filled with miracles,
care packages & joy!
patcwork quilt, berry butter, mandarin jam, banana bread photo taps_zps816b5206.jpg
I was able to make a Baby Patchwork Quilt, Mixed Berry Butter, Mandarin Jam and Banana Bread. 

patchwork baby quilt photo babyquiltd_zpsdb5d63a0.jpg
The Quilt Squares were purchased at Nevada Craft Supply of Etsy.

After piecing together your patches and sewing them to a flannel piece on the opposite side I learned how to do the binding perfectly at Heirloom Creations of YouTube.

There's no need to follow strict rules of quilting. Follow your heart and start!

Mixed Berry Butter Ingredients: 1 C berries, 1 Tbs Sugar, 1 Stick Butter photo MixedBerryButtera_zpse2929065.jpg
Recipe for Mixed Berry Butter:
1 Stick Butter, Softened
1 Cup Mixed Berries, Frozen or Fresh
1 Tbs of Sugar.
Whip in food processor and serve on French Toast! Store in Fridge!
So good you'll want to eat it from the spoon! 
 photo mandarinjamb_zps0c352277.jpg
My recipe for Mandarin Jam (Can be easily altered.)
Peel and throw mandarins into blender up to 5 Cup line.
Then fill up to same line with Grapefruit Soda, Lemon Lime Soda or Mountain Mist Soda. Liquefy.
Strain through leaving behind white pith and most of the pulp.
Pour strained liquid into large boiling pot and add 5 Cups Sugar.
Bring to boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 20 minutes.
Skim off any film that collects on surface.
Add 1-1.5 pouched liquid pectin. Stir and simmer for 10 more minutes.
Add to pre-sterilized jam jars. Seal and give boiling water bath for 10 minutes.
banana bread - recipe from Better Homes and Gardens Complete Book of Baking photo bananabreada_zps315f71a0.jpg
There are thousands of recipes for delicious Banana Bread.
My tried and true recipe every time comes from Better Homes & Gardens Complete Book of Baking.